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April 2018
An April Meander; - By Brian Witt. What happens when one has been interviewed by an East Coast newspaper, done a statewide call-in show about St Patrick's Day, and compiled a lot of information, but ran out of time to write an article? You just use what you found.

March 2018
The Other Irish Saints in March - by Brian Witt. We all celebrate Saint Patrick in March, but there are 31 days and 50 other saints in the month who hail from Ireland. And St. Patrick shares the day with a woman.

February 2018
The Taking of ShergarBy Brian Witt. In February 1983, the Irish born racehorse Shergar was kidnapped from his stable in county Kildare. He was a remarkable horse, and was valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Then this horse, considered a successor of Seabiscuit and Secretariat disappeared, never to be seen again.

January 2018
So, Who Are The Irish? And me for that matter? - Green Bay writer Joan Kapp Kreuser decided to get her DNA tested, to see where her family came from. There were some real surprises. Learn more about Joan's findings.

December 2017
Christmas in Killarney - A Festive and Festival Song In 1951, a song was written by three Irish-Americans, set to appeal to Irish Americans, Christmas in Killarney. First recorded by Dennis Day and Percy Faith, both versions rising on the charts. Then it was recorded by Bing Crosby. Now the village of Killarney, County Kerry holds a yearly Christmas festival named for the song.

November 2017
Holiday Folk Fair - The Culture of WelcomeEach year, the Holiday Folk Fair offers up a vision of unity. In 2017, we featured how people are welcome, using language as a safety blanket. Cead Mile Failte.

> October 2017
A Home Grown Saint - Father Solanus Casey -- by Brian Witt. Bernard Casey was born in Western Wisconsin, ordained in Milwaukee, and served the poor of New York City and Detroit for decades. He is going to beatified in November of 2017. Milwaukee's first saint? Stay tuned!

September 2017
The Founding of the American League by Five Irish Americans From Milwaukee - by Brian Witt and Bob Buege. In 1900, five Irish-Americans who lived in Milwaukee over the decades founded the American League at the Republican Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. On a side note - eight of the original owners of AL teams were Irish.

August 2017
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2017 - Live and Legendary - The festival's 37th year.

July 2017
The Polar Life of Tom Crean - by Brian Witt. Thomas Crean was an Irish seaman and Antarctic explorer from Annascaul, County Kerry, who was awarded the Albert Medal, as well as three Polar Medals. Learn more about this remarkable man

June 2017
Father Peter Whelan - The Angel of Andersonville - by Brian Witt. Peter Whelan was born in Wexford, became a priest, founded parishes in Georgia and South Carolina, and ministered to the Union prisoners in the Andersonville Prison in Georgia.

May 2017
Kitty and Arthur - Lord and Lady Wellington - Arthur Wellesley was an Irish politician, born in Dublin. Catherine Kitty Pakenham was born in Westmeath. After a long courtship, they moved to London, where Arthur was able to continue his military career. He was later named the Duke of Wellington. But this was a loveless marriage, and Kitty took care of many of Arthur's sons from other women.

April 2017
A Shamrock Club April Fool - by - Patricia McNamee Rosenberg. Patricia gives up a few shaggy dogs stories, and also some real Irish connections to the first of April.

March 2017
The Sisters and Nephews of St Patrick - by Brian Witt. When St Patrick returned to Ireland, he brought his sisters, about twenty nephews, and two of his brothers. Many of the nephews became bishops in the early Irish church.

April 2017
A Shamrock Club April Fool - by - Patricia McNamee Rosenberg. Patricia gives up a few shaggy dogs stories, and also some real Irish connections to the first of April.

February 2017
Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu - Father of Horror and Mystery Writing - by Brian Witt. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu was the father of the vampire tale, and was also one of the greatest horror writers of the 19th century. The Dubliner was the nephew of Richard Brinsley Sheridan, as well.

January 2017
Half Hanged John McNaghten - by Brian Witt. On December 16, 1761, John MacNaghten, who was sentenced to death on the gallows in Strabane, County Tyrone, was hung three times, with the rope breaking each time, at which point he would have been allowed to walk away from his sentence of death.

December 2016
December -- An Irish Christmas Potpourri - by Brian Witt. Learn about Irish Christmas stamps for 2016; the rise of the Irish Christmas Markets and the Christmas Lights that festoon city centres; the light at Newgrange; Irish remembrances by Fintan O'Toole and Maire O'Byrne; and a quick nut cluster Christmas dessert.

November 2016
Holiday Folk Fair - The Culture of Water -- by Brian Witt. Ireland is a country defined by water. It is an island with islands in its interior. It is one of the wettest counties in the world, but still has water issues. The 2016 Holiday Folk Fair has a theme of the Culture of Water, as does Ireland itself.

October 2016
A Reason to Be Vigilant - Itish Samhain - By Brian Witt. There are many unusual crreatures in the Gaelic lands of IReland, Scotland and Man. These include the Sluagh, the Kelpie, and Carman the Witch. Many of them are easily seen at Samhain. Find out why you need to hide at times.

September 2016
The Ulster 36 and the Battle of the Somme. - by Brian Witt. The Ulster 36 Division was a brave unnit, but on July 1, 1916, they suffered over 500 dead in 24 hours of fighting at the Battle of the Somme in France. And they held their territory.

August 2016
Milwaukee Irish Fest 36 Rises On the Milwaukee Lakefront. The Super Bowl of Irish Festivals takes place 18-21 August, with 16 stages, the largest cultural area in the world, and the best lineup of Irish and pan-Celtic music.

July 2016
The July Battles, and John Mulvany's Paintings
- by Brian Witt. In July of 1690, the Battle of Boyne took place, wherein James II's forces were defeated by William of Orange. In July of 1691, the Battle of Aughrim forever sealed the fate of the Gaelic Establishment, in another defeat for the Jacobites against the Williamite forces. John Mulvany was an Irish artist who left during the famine, was an Irish Nationalist, and painted what is considered the greatest painting on Aughrim. He led a complicated life.

June 2016
Sax Rohmer - Fu Manchu's Irish Father - by Brian Witt . David Ward was the son of Irish emigrants to England. He wrote for stage, screen and magazines. He was also the creator of Fu Manchu.

May 2016
Bealtane - The First Day of Summer - by Brian Witt. May 1 is the first day of summer in Ireland, and a celebration going back to the days of the Druids.

April 2016
The Easter Rising of 1916 - One Hundred Years On -- by Brian Witt. A century after the Easter Rising, what was right, and wrong, in how it was done.

March 2016
Milwaukee Had a Parade - And a Diocese -- by Brian Witt. A Swiss German priest, Martin Kundig, helped to create the diocese of Milwaukee, by using the help of the Irish and St.Patrick.

February 2016
Saint Valentine of Ireland -- by Patricia McNamee Rosenberg. Find out how St Valentine ended up in Dublin, centuries after his death

January 2016
Henry 2 - King of Ireland - by Brian Witt. The English monarch took over Ireland in the 11th Century - after he was invited in to do so.

December 2015
A Prosey Irish Christmas - Take a look back on Ireland's Christmas past in the words of a number of writers - And a Christmas recipe - By Brian Witt

November 2015
Holiday Folk Fair 2015 - Celebrate the Culture of Light Ireland is a land of darkness and light. Find out how the culture was influenced by these two opposing and conjoined forces - And Folk Fair - by Brian Witt

October 2015
The Hill of Tlachta or The Hill of Ward - Ireland's Samhain bonfires originated on the Hill of Ward each year on Samhain. The County Meath hillock is still important in Ireland – by Brian Witt

September 2015
The Indomitable Countess Constance Georgine Markievicz, - Countess Markievicz was a revolutionary, a suffragette, and a leader in the IRA and the Free State Government - by Mary Crivello Witt

August 2015
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2015- Our 35th Anniversary -- Celebrate the largest Irish music and cultural festival in North America

July 2015
Railroads, Hotels,and an Irish Builder - William Dargan and Great Southern - by Brian Witt

June 2015
The Irish Impressionist - Walter Osborne by Brian Witt

May 2015
Irish First Minister of the Diaspora Jimmy Deenihan In Milwaukee by John Gleeson

April 2015
Inghinidhe na hEireann and Cumann na mBan - The Women of Ireland - By Brian Witt

March 2015
An Irish Primer 2015 - by Brian Witt

February 2015
The Battle of Fishguard - The last invasion of Britain - by Brian Witt

January 2015
The Brothers Walsh in Hollywood - by Brian Witt

December 2014
The Irish Christmas Stamp by Brian Witt

November 2014
2014 Holiday Folk Fair International - Celebrating the Culture of the Artisan - by Brian Witt

October 2014
The Last High King of Ireland - Rory O'Connor - By Brian Witt

September 2014
Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums

August 2014
Milwaukee Irish Fest Celebrates Scotland, Brian Boru & All Things Irish

July 2014
August 1914 and the Irish - The effect on the Irish of World War One - by Brian Witt

June 2014
Did The Irish Ride an Early Immigration Wave? - Were the Duhare Indians Irish? - by Brian Witt

May 2014
Michael Higgins Meets the Queen - The Irish President meets the British Monarch in London - and she greets him in Irish - by Brian Witt

April 2014
Brian Boru 2014 - The Irish celebrate the Battle of Clontarf 1000 Years Later - By Brian Witt

March 2014
Pamela Lyndon Travers, Mary Poppins' Mother - by Brian Witt

February 2014
St Brigid of Ireland - The story of Ireland's leading female saint - by Brian Witt

January 2014
Ireland, the Gem of The Oceans - The history of An tSerbhis Chabhlaigh, the modern Irish Navy - by Brian Witt

December 2013
Scenes of Irish Christmas in Poems - by Brian Witt

November 2013
Holiday Folk Fair 2013 - A Half Century of Celebrating Irish American Culture and Community - by Brian Witt

September 2013
The War Poet - Francis Ledwidge - the Meath poet was a nationalist and a member of the British Army - by Brian Witt

August 2013
Always Something New To Do at the World's Largest Irish Festival - Highlights for 2013 Milwaukee Irish Fest include Nova Scotia Showcase

July 2013
Shamrock Club Member Julie Smith Honored as Irish Fest Volunteer of the Year - by Bridget Smith Jaskulski

June 2013
Mother Benedicta - An Irish-American nun's remarkable life is reviewed by her relative - by Joan Kapp Kreuser

May 2013
A Sacred Priority -- An Irish American Veteran Delivers Flags

April 2013
The Historic Connie Mack - The former minor league Milwaukee Brewers manager and player became an institution of American baseball - by Brian Witt

March 2013
An Irish Primer 2013 - What Don't You Know About Ireland? - by Brian Witt

February 2013
The Hobbit of Western Ireland -- Did JRR Tolkien get his ideas for the Hobbit from his time in the Burren? - by Brian Witt

January 2013
A Trip to My Irish Roots - Patti Stotmeister Goes to Ireland to Find Her Family

December 2012
The Irish Mummers -- Mumming has been a great and colorful tradition in all of Ireland. -- by Brian Witt

November 2012
Holiday folk Fair 2012 - The History of the Story -- Storytelling has long been a part of Irish culture. Learn the roots of it, and why it was celebrated at the Holiday Folk Fair 2012 - by Brian Witt

October 2012
Dinner With Cousin Masie -- Joan Kapp Kreuser Enjoys Dinner With her Irish cousin

September 2012 Jeremiah Coleman -- Jeremiah Joseph Coleman was born in County Limerick in 1852, and died in Green Bay in 1917. His granddaughter recalls his life. By Joan Kapp Kreuser

August 2012
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2012 - Bigger and better than ever

July 2012
Mickey Sullivan's Civil War - The La Crosse resident and his remembrances of the War - by Brian Witt

June 2012
May 2012
Bios of Shamrock Club offices -- The May 2012 elections

April 2012
White O Morn Cottage - The Quiet Man Cottage in Cong, County Mayo. A movie about a returned Irishman to his home in the 1950's finds the house he was filmed in has fallen in destitution. - By Joan Kapp Kreuser

March 2012
St Patrick - The Inside Story - We all know that Saint Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland.. Did you know he borught his family back to Ireland with him? Lots of his family. Sisters, brothers, nieces and nephews. - By Brian Witt

February 2012
Glasnevin Cemetary - The Largest Cemetary in Dublin is an amazing place to visit, in person, or in the words of this weriter. - By Joan Kapp Kreuser

January 2012
Dublin Bombed In World War Two - Germany bombs neutral Ireland. Many Irish were killed. The Germans said they thought it was England. - By Joan Kapp Kreuser

December 2011
Christmas Days and Dinners - by Brian Witt. What to eat for Christmas, and what to read, at the same time? There are a number of recipes.

November 2011
Folk Fair 2011 - by Brian Witt. The largest ethnic celebration of life takes place each year in Mjiwaukee.

October 2011
Irish Fest At Its Best -- by Brian Sneed. Celebrating the festival in the words of Brian Sneed.

September 2011
Nanuq of North Dublin -- Did you know polar bears are descended from Irish bears? They are. But they were not white back then.. - by Brian Witt

August 2011
2011 Irish Fest to Celebrate Ireland Counties of Derry and Donegal - The Largest Celebration of Ireland's Counties Outside of Ireland

July 2011
The Sack of Baltimore -- The West Cork village was sacked by Barbary pirates in 1631, but only the newly arrived English settlers in the area were captured as slaves. Was there collusion? - by Brian Witt June 2011
The Irish Guard -- An old Irish unit has a member of the Royal House as a member of its unit, and a hard earned reputation. - by Brian Witt

May 2011
Shamrock Club Elections 2011 -- Bios of the Shamrock Club candidates

April 2011
A Most Impressive Man - Ted Sullivan -- American baseball, and football, were both influenced by a County Clare native - and he was at the birth of the American League in Milwaukee - by Brian Witt

March 2011
The Kicking Kangaroo - Wisconsin's Pat O'Dea - Wisconsin football star, via Australia, managed to die twice after leaving college - by Brian Witt

February 2011
Michael Sheehan and Franklin Village - St. Martins - the founding of the city of Franklin, WI by Irish immigrants - by Brian Witt

January 2011
January Wellies, Father Ted, and Goats: Festivals in Ireland -- Irish festivals in 2011 cover a great deal of ground - by Brian Witt

December 2010
Little Known Christmas In Ireland -- There are many little known Christmas customs in Ireland, from the Women's Christmas to the Late Late Toy Show - by Brian Witt

November 2010
67th Annual Holiday Folk Fair 2010 - Celebration of Peace - Siochain -- Peace is never easy to achieve, and the island of Ireland is a perfect example of how tenuous peace can be. - by Brian Witt

September 2010
America's Pastime and the Irish -- The Irish Were Early Participants in the Game of Baseball - Was It the Hurling That Gave Them An Advantage? - by Brian Witt

August 2010
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2010 - The World's Largest Irish Fest celebrates 30 years

July 2010
Wisconsin's Irish Connections in the Emerald Reflections - A look back to articles written by Jeannie Cissne and Gareth and Janet Dunleavy

June 2010
Dusty Springfield - Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O’Brien was born in West Hampstead, England, in 1939 to an Irish Roman Catholic family that loved music - by Brian Witt

April 2010
Niall and All Those O'Neills - Niall of the Nine Hostages, the father of Ireland? The father of 5 percent of the world's population, as well. - by Brian Witt

March 2010
Irish Primer 2010 - Learn Irish Trivia - by Brian Witt

February 2010
Hurling - The Fastest Game on ICE? - The oldest game on earth is the father of the coldest game on earth - hockey - by Brian Witt

January 2010
Miss Fogarty's Irish Christmas Cake - A Christmas Song and Recipes - by Brian Witt

December 2009
Lead Article from the January, 1980, Reflections- The Irish Famine, An Eyewitness Report - Written in 1905, published in 1980 - By Mortimer Sullivan

November 2009
The CUltural of Weaving - Folk Fair 2009 - The Weaving of cultures in Ireland - by Brian Witt

October 2009
The Freeman of Ennis - Muhammad Ali Abe Grady's Great Grandson returns to the family hometown in September, 2009 - by Brian Witt

September 2009
The Taking of Christ - The Theft of the Caravaggio Painting - by Joan Kreuser

August 2009
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2009 - Nova Scotia, Northern Ireland, more

July 2009
The Irish Paid A High Price at Antietam - The Irish Brigades in the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War. -- By Mike O'Leary

June 2009
Bridget Dowling's Family - Bridget Dowling was just a 17 year old Dublin girl when she met Alois Hitler. -- By Brian Witt

May 2009
The Elephant Angel - Belfast's zoo was in danger of being bombed during World War 2. A woman took the elephant home each night. -- By Brian Witt

April 2009
Henry S. Baird - Dublin born Henry Baird was the first lawyer in Wisconsin, and later was a long-tine judge, seerving Green Bay. -- By Joan Kreuser

March 2009
A March Back in the Emerald Reflections - Taking a 40 year trip through time in the Shamrock Club of Wisconsin's March Reflections Archives . -- By Brian Witt

February 2009
The Briscoes and Service to Ireland - The Briscoes, robert and Ben, were the longest serving family in the Irish Dail. What else made them unique?. -- By Brian Witt

January 2009
Mna na h Eireann – The Women of Ireland - A look at some of the legendary women of the Emerald Isle. -- By Brian Witt

December 2008
Irish Christmas Traditions and Recipes - Share in a bit of Christmas in Ireland. -- By Brian Witt

November 2008
Holiday Folk Fair 2008 - The Effect on the Language and the Potato -- The potato and the Irish langiage collided in the 1840's, to immense effect. -- by Brian Witt

October 2008
The Dullahan - The Irish Headless Horseman -- The background of the Headless Horseman in Ireland. - by Brian Witt

September 2008
Typhoid Mary -- Mary Mallon was an Irish immigrant who would become best known as the person who passed on the typhoid virus. -- by Joan Kapp Kreuser

August 2008
Irish Fest 2008 --The World Series of Irish Festivals in the world. A preview of the greatest Irish Fest.

July 2008
The Accursed John George Adair of Glenveagh -- His name is reviled in song and story, but John Adair created one of the most magnificent parks in all of Ireland. - By Brian Witt

June 2008
The Story of Seamus MacManus. -- Seamus MacManus wrote a history of Ireland that is many American's homes. He was one of the founders of the Gaelic League and Sinn Fein, a member of the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the husband of poet Ethna Carberry, and a respected American lecturer. So, who was the man who gave a face to the ancient stories of Ireland in the New world? -- by Brian Witt

May 2008
It all Comes Back to the Irish - In England -- The Irish have been in the country of England as long as there was an England. So, how is it surprising that one in five people in the neighboring island nation have Irish ancestry? And Alfred Hitchcock and Sting both had Irish mothers, and David Bowie an Irish grandmother? -- by Brian Witt

April 2008
Elementary, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle -- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was an Irishman in Scotland, a Scotsman in Britain, a Briton in the world, and a person who threw over the Catholic faith for spiritualism. The creator of Sherlock Holmes was a complicated man, a doctor who wrote well enough to become knighted. by Brian Witt

March 2008
Who is The Shamrock Club? -- Going on fifty years, the Shamrock Club has been a part of Irish life in Milwaukee and Wisconsin. Who is the Shamrock Club, and how did it get to where it is today? -- by Brian Witt

February 2008
Irish Primer 2008 -- Amazing facts, figures and trivia about Ireland. Irish sprinters, running on your honeymoon, Stab City, and the most popular names in Ireland for babies in 1999. - by Brian Witt

January 2008
The Ressurection Men -- William Burke and William Hare were two Irishmen living in Edinburgh who helped supply the medical school in Edinburgh with bodies. Their idea was a string of serial killing that had never been seen in Scotland prior to that. -- by Brian Witt

December 2007
Irish Christmas Traditions - Christmas in Ireland and a number of recipes. Bits from John B. Keane, and Frank O'Connor - By Brian Witt

November 2007
Holiday Folk Fair - The Compasses of Culture. -- The annual Holiday folk Fair had as its theme The Compasses of Culture.

October 2007
Spooky Irish October - Ireland was the home to the origin of Halloween Meet some of the characters who have inhabited the landscape and lives of the Irish. - By Brian Witt

September 2007
The Language of the Pipes - A bagpiper outside her house causes the author to reflect upon this wonderous instrument - By Gail Coss

August 2007
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2008 - The world largest and greatest Irish Festival has rteturned. Check out what is new, wonderful and exciting.

July 2007
The Irish Silly Season - When news is slow, go find the silly and absurd stories from Ireland. Nude beaches, robbing pubs with your own car, and throwing trash onto a Garda's car. - By Brian Witt

June 2007
A Bloomsday Time - James Joyce gave us the Bloomsday phenom, Dublin, June 16, 1904, now celebrated across the globe. - By Brian Witt

May 2007
A Story to Tell - Frank Delaney's novel Ireland talks of storytelling, and this article talks of the art itself. - By Brian Witt

April 2007
The Day I almost Met JFK - By Dennis McBride. Milwaukee writer recalls the time John F Kennedy came to Wauwatosa - and he didn't get a chance to meet him

March 2007
Irish Primer 2007 -- It is March, and so comes the time of year when you can impress your friends with all sorts of statistics and facts about Ireland.

February 2007
Luke Wadding - The Man Who Made St Patrick's Day -- by Brian Witt. Luke Wadding was a Rome-based Franciscan who helped to establish St Patrick's feast day as a part of the liturgical calendar. He was also a prolific writer, Irish political schemer, and the only Irishman to receive votes for the papacy.

January 2007
The High Crosses of Ireland by Joan Kapp Kreuser. With a poem by Kathy Mallon

December 2006
Irish Christmas Traditions. The Candle in the Window, 12 Days of Christmas, and more, as well as a few recipes for the holidays.

November 2006
Holiday Folk Fair 2006 - Carriers of Culture. The 2006 Holiday Folk Fair will showcase the various aspects that culture is carried across the world.

October 2006
The Venerable Matt Talbot. Matt Talbot was a Dublin ascetic who somehow managed to enthrall the world after his death.

September 2006
The Rebel Girl and Mother Jones. Helen Gurley Flynn and Mary Harris Jones were labor activists, Wobblies, and feminists, as well as social reformers. Why did these two daughters of Erin become so involved in labor and politics?

August 2006
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2006. The Largest Irish festival in the world celebrates 26 years in a grand fashion.

July 2006
The Burren by Joan Kreuser. The limestone desert in County Clare is the subject of this interesting article by Green Bay writer Joan Kreuser.

June 2006
Dancing and Touring Across Ireland 2006 - by 11 year old Erin Canon. Photos by Del and Pam Canon. The All Ireland Dance Competition was in Kerry in 2006. Read the adventures of a Milwaukee area dancer's first trip to Ireland.

May 2006
Quirkie Stories From Ireland. - A plane mistakes a military field for the Derry airport, a woman tries to conduct witchcraft during a trial, and everyone in the world seems to be an O'Neill.

April 2006
A Trip to the Land of the Little People by Tom Kennedy; Tom Kennedy and his wife went to Ireland and met a leprechaun.

March 2006
Irish Primer 2006 -- St Valentine is buried in Dublin. Find out about this and more in the 2006 edition of the Irish primer. Impressed your friends with knowledge about Ireland.

February 2006
The Magic and Music of Cape Breton -- by Kaitlin Hahn. 2005 Shamrock Club Scholarship winner tells of the magic of this Nova Scotian island.

January 2006
C S Lewis and the Chronicles of County Down? -- The release of the Chronicles of Narnia on film bring up a discussion on the author's love for County Down, and the part it played in his writings. -- by Brian Witt

December 2005
Sing an Irish Song of Christmas. What started out as a search for the music for the Wexford Carol turns into a discovery of a number of carols written in Ireland. -- by Brian Witt

November 2005
Irish Sounds of Culture. The 2005 Holiday Folk Fair took place in November. The Sounds of Culture was the theme. What are the Irish Sounds of Culture?

October 2005
The Parting Glass on the Roof looks at the last night of Irish Fest 2005, and how singing a song represented the Irish diaspora, nationalism, and keeping the pubs in Ireland open after closing. - by Brian Witt

September 2005
- The Circus Art of Jack B Yeats. Jack B Yeats, son opf a painter and brother of a poet, was one of the best artists in Irish history. He also loved to paint the circuses traveling across the island. See why in "The Circus Art of Jack B Yeats.- by Brian Witt"

August 2005
Milwaukee Irish Fest is 25 years old in 2005. The President of Ireland came to help celebrate. Check out the lineup of the largest Irish festival in the world.

July 2005
Irish Facts. Gerry Couglan is the editor of the website Everyday English and Slang in Ireland. Want to know what the only bridge in Europe is that is wider than its length? Or where Moore Street got its name? Check out his Things about Dublin from ;Everyday Slang in Ireland.

June 2005
Shamrock Club Color Guard Pipes and Drums Turn 25. It has been 25 years of the Shamrock Club Color Guard. The dinner in April 2005 was reported on by member Richard Stover.

May 2005
The Yellow Kid's Revolution. Mickey Dugan was the unlikely revolutionary. A short boy dressed in a dirty nightshirt, he was to change American journalism - and he was only a character in the comics. - By Brian Witt

April 2005
The Amazing Healys - Born into Slavery, This Irish-African-American Family Was a Force in the American Catholic Church and the Law in Alaskan Waters - By Brian Witt

March 2005
An Irish Primer - What Everyone Might Want to Know About Ireland in Two Pages - By Brian Witt. Also, March 2005 Events, Our Irish Honorees, more.

February 2005
Ireland's Disappearing Boglands - The Loss of Seventy-five percent of Irish Peat Bogs in less than Fifty Years - By Brian Witt

January 2005
The Dreaded Writer's Block - Working Around An Obstacle while Surfing Irish Trivia Sites

December 2004
A Unique Irish Christmas - Christmas Traditions in Ireland - Candles in the window, whitewashing the house, and more - By Brian Witt

November 2004
Ireland's New Cross Fertilization - The Grains of Irish Culture and the new Irish Emigration. Holiday Folk Fair 2004 - How culture grows from all sorts of ways.

October 2004
Heroes Hurleys and Hounds - From Setanta and Wolfhounds to the Shamrock Club Griffins - By Brian Witt

September 2004
Emigrant Days 2001 -- by Tom McAndrew - Irish Life in England

August 2004
Irish Fest 2004 -- World's Largest Irish Fest Rundown

July 2004
Galloping Hogan and the Battle of Campo Maior, Portugal -- The Battle of Ballyneety's Hero Wins on the Iberian Peninsula - by Brian Witt

June 2004
Fungi -- an Daigean Deilf -- Dingle's Bottlenose Dolphin - By Brian Witt

May 2004
Shamrock Club Yearly Elections Bios -- Milwaukee Chapter

April 2004
Jefferson's Irish Builders -- The Irishmen who were responsible for the construction of Monitcello and Charlottesville -- by Brian Witt

March 2004
Patrick Sarsfield Gilmore -- Part of the Irish-American biographical series from the Irish Fest Irish Music Archives -- by Barry Stapleton -- Also, St Patrick's Day Events

February 2004
Burl Ives and Billy Murray -- Part of the Irish-American biographical series from the Irish Fest Irish Music Archives -- by Barry Stapleton -- Also, St Bridgid's Lore

January 2004
Our Trip to Ireland -- The Downeys Recount a Fateful Trip to meet new cousins

December 2003
Christmas Days and Dinners -- Irish Christmas Traditions -- The McInerney Family in Limerick-- by Brian Witt

November 2003
Holiday Fok Fair -- 2003 and a look back at 1980 -- by Brian Witt

October 2003
Reflecting on the Reflections -- a Look back into the Archives -- by Brian Witt

September 2003
A Tale of Two Henrys and Their Tractors -- Ferguson and Ford -- by Brian Witt

August 2003
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2003 McPeake, Afro-Celt Sound System, more

July 2003
Ladies and Gentlemen, Center Ring -- The Irish Circus -- A short history of the circus in Ireland, and its influence in the United States - by Brian Witt

June 2003
The Life after Death of Elmer McCurdy -- America's Most Inept Outlaw lives on -- by Brian Witt

May 2003
Milwaukee Chapter Slate of Candidates 2003-04 -- May Shamrock Club elections

Choose your candidate

April 2003
April Oddities from the Irish News- Just in time for April Fools - by Brian Witt

March 2003
Irish Nationalism: Propaganda in the Poetry of Yeats and in "The Informer" by O'Flaherty -- by Elizabeth May Scott

February 2003
The Irish American Radio Priest -- Father Coughlin built up a suburban Detroit parish into a powerhouse in the following of a saint. He was also one of the most divisive voices in America, with anti-Semitic rhetoric, mixed in with a strong social calling. -- By Brian Witt

January 2003
James MacPherson's Tales of Ossian -- The Scotsman's Hoax -- by Brian Witt

December 2002
Christmas Traditions with a Twist -- Carl Hogan's Dublin Christmas -- by Denise Hogan - Plus Christmas Recipes

November 2002
Holiday Folk Fair 2002 -- by Sue Dundon

October 2002
Happy New Year!! -- It's Halloween -- Samhain The most Irish of worldwide holidays -- by Brian Witt

September 2002
The Elusive Shamrock -- What is a shamrock? From wood sorrel to clover to oxalis, and the effect left by St Patrick -- by Brian Witt

August 2002
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2002 The World's Largest Irish Festival's lineup and highlights

July 2002
The Irish In Wisconsin - How We got Here

June 2002
Zorro of Wexford -- William Lamport --The Real Zorro was a red bearded Irishman who went to work for the Spanish government, and then moved to Mexico to start revolution and more -- by Brian Witt

May 2002
The Offbeat News from Ireland -- Quirkiy Irish news stories -- by Brian Witt

April 2002
The World is all a Fleeting Show -- The Life of Thomas Moore Ireland's greatest songwriter and a major Irish poet-- by Brian Witt

March 2002
Our Trip to Ireland -- by Mary Crivello-Witt

February 2002
Shamrock Club Moves Parade to Downtown Milwaukee The Shamrock Club Returns to Where the Parade started in 1967

January 2002
Memories of Ireland -- Tom Scanlon, Matt Larsen and William Burke share stories of their travels to Erin

December 2001
Nollaig Shona Duit -- Happy Christmas -- Irish Christmas Traditions and Recipes -- by Brian Witt

November 2001
Holiday Folk Fair 2001 -- The Culture of Peace -- by Cate Harris

October 2001
Handel's Dublin Ressurection -- How Handel made both a music and life recovery with the Messiah -- by Brian Witt

September 2001
The Session, A Rebirth -- How a weekly sessiun at the Pub came to be -- by Sue Van Dyke

August 2001
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2001

July 2001
From Carlow to the Little Big Horn -- Myles Keogh -- A man from Carlow leaves the Papal Guards to become a hero in the United States Civil War -- by Brian Witt

June 2001
Milwaukee's unique twist on Sports -- Hurling and Currach Racing - by Karen Seeliger Fink and Marty McGeoghan

May 2001
The Irish Remonstrance of Peter Walsh -- An Irish priest tries to find a commonality for Irish Catholics and English Protestants -- by Brian Witt

April 2001
The Search for Sweeney -- a Tribute to Bob Higgins -- Longtime newsman and Emerald Reflections editor is recalled -- by Brian Witt

March 2001
Pelagius and the Irish monks -- Pelagian controversy followed Irish monks in Europe -- by Brian Witt

February 2001
The Irish President of France -- Patrice (Patrick) MacMahon -- How a member of the Irish Wild Geese became the leader of France -- by Brian Witt

January 2001
The Hard Times of Stephen Foster -- The life and times of the Irish-American songwriter -- by Brian Witt

December 2000
Irish Chistmas Traditions and Christmas Recipes -- Find a wonderful Irish recipe for the Christmas holidays -- by Brian Witt

November 2000
The Name Game -- Irish Names in Irish Counties -- Can you still find an O'Brien in Clare, or a MacCarthy in Cork? -- The unchangeable location of Irish families - by Patrick O'Hara

October 2000
The Tragedy of Anach Chuain - Anaghdown -- When the currach carried almost thirty people to their deaths on Lough Corrib, Rafterty composed a ballad -- by Brian Witt

September 2000
Early History of Dane County Shamrock Club -- Part One -- by Margaret Courtny

August 2000
Milwaukee Irish Fest 2000

July 2000
Tall Ship Jeanie Johnston to Visit Milwaukee

June 2000
The Harp and Ireland Ireland's national instrument is visited -- by Erika Weinsteiger

May 2000
St. Patrick's Day on Achill Island, 2000 - A County Mayo spectacle -- by Jean Bills

April 2000
Bob Higgins Remembered -- by Suzy Wing

March 2000
The Other Irish Saints -- Fiacra, Crom, more -- by Brian Witt

February 2000
The Fight over Father Duffy -- The idea to move Father Duffy's statue from Duffy's Square in Manhattan causes an uproar -- by Brian Witt

January 2000
The Submarine's Father -- John Philip Holland -- How a member of the Irish clergy developed the submarine to destroy British ships in America -- by Brian Witt

December 1999
It's Time for an Irish Toast -- by Robert Higgins

November 1999
The Coffin Ships -- by Desiree Roffers

October 1999
St Patrick's Parish -- Town of Erin, Wisconsin -- by Barry Stapleton

September 1999
My Trip to the Giant's Causeway -- A visitor's travels to County Antrim

August 1999
Milwaukee Irish Fest 1999

July 1999
The Scoundrel of Cashel -- Miler McGrath -- by Robert Higgins

June 1999
The Man who Made Los Angeles -- Mulholland -- John Mullholand from Belfast -- He developed the waterworks for Los Angeles, and helped changed the face of the desert town -- by Brian Witt

May 1999
Billy the Kid and the Irish Saga -- The Irish American Aspects of His Life -- by Brian Witt

April 1999
The Return of Pat and Mike -- Humor -- by Robert Higgins

March 1999
One Great Parade -- The Return of Daniel O'Connell to Sligo How thge Great Emancipator came to Sligo town and a parade rolled out

February 1999
Greater Ireland in North America -- The influence of the sons and daughters of Erin on the American continent

January 1999
Sons of the Wild Geese -- The Irish Around the World after the Treaty of Limerick

December 1998
The King of the Birds -- The Wren Boys in Ireland on Stephens Day -- December 26, Boxing Day and the antics of the Wren Boys

November 1998
Studs Lonigan Meets Martin Dooley -- The Old Chicago Meets the New -- James T Farrell and Peter Finley Dunne's characters effect on the Windy City

October 1998
The Unstoppable Margaret Tobin -- The Real Molly Brown -- Daughter of Irish immigrant become a wealthy woman and was a heroine on the Titanic

September 1998
Talking of Windmills -- Irish Windmills





















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